Demos and Evaluations


You would like to have a look and decide whether you like what you see ?
There are several options to choose from.
Our support team will be happy to to setup a life demonstration for you at your convenience.

1. On-line or on-site demo

Via Webex or in an on-site meeting we demonstrate Silicondash functionality while focussing on your specific questions and use cases. We will show how users connect to one of our data centers and use Silicondash in daily operations. We will use secured obfuscated production data sets so that you get a good idea of what Silicondash can do for you.

2. Give it a try with a sample of your data

After NDA formalities - we will provide a secure Silicondash instance for you to upload a representative data set. The trial data set may be small - a couple of lots of data - or larger. A couple of months of production data for example. Our support team will integrate the data, give you remote access to the system, and provide a short initial training. You will be up-and-running to evaluate Silicondash capabilities in very little time and with very little effort from your side. 

3. Evaluate Silicondash in production

Try Silicondash on one or two products in volume-production. We will provide training to a small group of users, and within a very short time frame you will be able to see Silicondash in real-time action on your production data. You will be evaluating its capabilities while at the same time benefiting from the overviews and valuable insights it provides.