Silicondash Value Proposition

Leveraging every piece of data

100 % exhaustive data analytics

Semiconductor manufacturing and test operations generate massive amounts of data containing the key to valuable information that is necessary to improve operational indicators. Many organizations loose out on excellence because the full extraction of the data value is just too complex, too much effort, too much time consuming. With Silicondash big data technologies we guarantee that 100% of your data is properly stored and automatically mined. Important issues become instantly visible and little remains undetected. The data value is captured in its entirety and transformed and aggregated into valuable information and conclusions to be used to drive daily operations.


Instant observability

Across the entire supply chain

Silicondash operational intelligence systems support decision making activities across worldwide manufacturing chains. They provide detailed real-time end-to-end visibility of all types of issues and resulting value-at-stake. Throughout the entire manufactured volume at all suppliers, and for all equipments, technologies and products.


Rapid ramp to entitlement yields

Ramp twice as fast

Ramp-up technologies and product to their entitlement yields many times faster. Reduce iterative cycles through instant and all-inclusive identification and classification of issue-pareto’s. Resolve operational, yield, quality and performance issues, as early as possible.


Continuously quality improvement

Nothing remains undetected

Qualtera decision support systems help drive PPM levels down by enabling continuous monitoring, detection, analysis, simulation, and prevention of quality and reliability issues. Install real-time part-level observability and traceability across the entire manufacturing chain.


Maximize baseline yields 

More good dies per wafer

Automatically detect excursions early-on and reduce their impact with actionable analysis results. Silicondash significantly accelerates exhaustive identification and classification of yield and quality detractors, and helps organizations to keep constant visibility on the pareto across all of their products, technologies and suppliers. Enabling operational focus on the key issues, where value is at stake.