Monitoring and data analytics

From the wafer substrate to the end product

Silicondash provides users with real-time visibility and insight into high-volume data streams from worldwide manufacturing and test operations.

The unique automatically generated reporting infrastructures, traffic light dashboards, and custom reports give aggregated information and metrics at a glance, and empower people to make quick and informed decisions to manage corporate operational performance. In addition, these metrics act as the starting point for engineering analysis - quickly drilling down into details, performing root cause analysis, what-if-scenarios, modeling and tying anomalies to specific transactions in manufacturing and test activities.


Addressing all phases in the product and technology life cycles

Silicondash provides a wide variety of analytic and reporting features, addressing production and engineering use cases - in the entire product and technology lifecycle.

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Automatically generated analytic results, insights and alerts

On live data feeds and historical data

The Silicondash operational intelligence engines continuously monitor and analyze high-velocity, high-volume big data streams.  Organizations obtain the ability to instantly make decisions on incoming data and immediately act on analytic insights, through manual or automated actions.

Central compute engines are automatically triggered by incoming data to run queries along with a large set of advanced detection, classification and correlation algorithms against streaming data feeds and manufacturing event data. As a result, Silicondash delivers real-time analytic results that can be made available to the end-user in the form of stored -meta- data, reports, textual conclusions, alert signals, chart images, and emails.

Silicondash contains a variety of built-in and continuously growing number of algorithms. Algorithms, and scripts can also be designed, developed, customised, and put into the production data flow by individual users. They are then triggered upon incoming test and manufacturing data.


Loading data streams from anywhere

Simultaneous coverage of multiple sites

Silicondash modern data channels ensure reliable and secure data transfer to-and-from multiple worldwide manufacturing and test sites.

Worldwide user access and collaboration

Experience insight wherever you are, at the office or on the road.

Silicondash simultaneously loads incoming data and serves up to hundreds of users through secure web infrasstructures enabling extremely fast response times and virtually instant -google-like- data visualisations and content delivery.

Silicondash provides a wide range of collaborative features that enable scattered, worldwide organizations to easily work together and share data, working methods and results.


Security, availability and performance

Qualtera and its partners are ISO 27001 certified

To ensure prime access to the major business areas in the U.S, Asia and Europe, each of our partner data centers is designed to the highest specifications for performance, availability and security.

Qualtera partners with top tier data centers across the globe that use the latest technologies to guarantee high performance and availability.
Reliability and availability are key. Silicondash has built in multiple levels of redundancy to ensure consistently high performance, including many redundant components and multiple active paths for cooling and power distribution. If any one of the data centers suffers power loss, emergency backup generators are ready to kick in to maintain continuity of service.
And, of course, the data centers are secure. When it comes to sensitive business data, we don’t take any chances. Fully compliant with the latest security policies and audit guidelines, we take a meticulous approach ensuring that your private data stays private, and is protected at all times.

Scalability and compute power

Silicondash is a centralised, fully integrated, big data infrastructure in which the system hardware, the application and data reside in one singe location. Either in one of our qualified 3rd party ISO certified data centers at strategic locations across the globe, or at the your location of choice.

Big Data

Software and Platforms As-a-Service

Silicondash is centrally hosted and delivered as a combination of Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) . The application can be securely accessed by an unlimited amount of authorized users using a thin client via a web browser. This allows customers to run scalable and powerful platforms without the costs of building and maintaining the complex infrastructures typically associated with data analytics across world-wide operations.

Silicondash can be delivered in two ways: as a cloud service that is centrally hosted within a 3rd party data center, where Qualtera takes care of hardware and software deployment, configuration, monitoring, maintenance, data integration, and data management operations, - or in private data centers and jointly managed by internal IT departments and Qualtera.