Operational intelligence

semiconductor data analytics

manufacturing awareness


Time to market


Reduce and shorten iterative product introduction cycles with instant visibility on all the issues. Enable effective actions, and reach entitlement yield as early as possible.




Automatic and fully exhaustive classification and quantification of all yield detractors. Instantly focus on key issues. Across all your products, technologies, equipments, and suppliers.


Continuously improve

Install real-time part-level, front-to-back observability and traceability. Enable continuous monitoring, detection, analysis, simulation, and prevention of quality and reliability issues.


Operational Excellence

Act on data

Silicondash provides real-time end-to-end visibility across complex manufacturing chains. Silicondash dashboards instantly display aggregated up-to-date analysis conclusions - supporting informed decision making and increased operational excellence.



Real-Time Front-to-Back Observability

for semiconductor test and manufacturing

  • End-to-end data analytics and decision support
  • Powerful analytic features for production and engineering
  • Real-time analysis execution, triggered by incoming data
  • Visualization of aggregated analytic results - in seconds
  • Corporate and engineering dashboards
  • Part-level traceability across the manufacturing chain
  • Modern collaborative features
  • Massively scalable and secure platforms
  • Software and Platforms As-a-Service


Data Quality

Pertinent answers that you can trust

Silicondash incorporates a unique stream computing infrastructure that enables real-time storage of manufacturing data that complies with the highest possible data-quality requirements - essential for fully automatic data alignment, aggregation and correlation of all tests and parameters throughout the entire supply chain. It also guarantees high-volume part-level traceability and accuracy for reproducible analysis results and alert signals that you can trust.

Qualtera’s data integration teams install methods and procedures that guarantee secure transfer, integration and storage of data that is consistent and valid in every detail. Across all products, test stages, equipments, technologies, sites, suppliers and organisations.



Act on data with speed and precision

Qualtera data analysts and product and yield engineering specialists assist customer organizations in extracting maximum value from manufacturing and test data in order to accelerate product ramps and achieve world-class yield, quality and performance.

By augmenting analytics capabilities, and accelerating the acquisition of a coherent and exhaustive insight of all manufacturing issues, we support engineering organisations to act on data that really matters - with speed and precision.